Djokovic is a public figure: He should use his words carefully

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Djokovic is a public figure: He should use his words carefully

Here it is not a question of understanding who is right and who is wrong, but what Novak Djokovic said about vaccination against the Covid-19 global pandemic could have a negative effect on many people. "Personally I am against vaccination and I would not want to be forced by someone to take a vaccine in order to travel.

But if it becomes mandatory, what will happen? I will have to make a decision. I have my thoughts on the matter and if those thoughts will change at some point, I can not know that," said Nole. That is a personal opinion to be respected.

But being Nole a public figure followed by hordes of fans around the world, many, perhaps indices, could follow his words and decide not to get vaccinated. Scientists are currently researching on developing a vaccine that, in a few months, could be the only protective barrier against the global Covid-19 pandemic and therefore the only remedy for returning to normal life.

That's why a public figure of this importance like Novak Djokovic should always measure the words he says. Chervin Jafarieh, the founder of the Blaqk Diamond Group real estate company, passionate about oriental philosophies and Djokovic's friend and adviser, would have said that the pandemic is: "an exciting time to be alive."

But perhaps he forgets that Coronavirus made almost 300,000 deaths across the world. Those who lose loved ones will certainly have a different thought than Jafarieh's. The Guru is a follower of the theories of Masaru Emoto, a controversial Japanese essayist theorist of the Memory Of Water.

Djokovic explains what it is: "I know some people who through energy transformation, the power of prayer and gratitude have managed to transform the most toxic food and the most polluted water into the most curative water.

Why water transforms: scientists have shown that molecules react to our emotions. If you have specific thoughts and emotions, if they are happy thoughts, good thoughts, they create a molecular structure that has a geo prism based on sacred geometry, which means that there is balance.

On the contrary, when you give water pain, fear, frustration or anger, that water breaks." But the Covid-19 issue is a more concrete and real problem, which perhaps needs a medical response. An answer to the vaccine came from Rafael Nadal: "In a Tour, you have to stick to the rules: if they will force us to vaccinate to protect everyone, then Nole will have to do it if he wants to continue playing."

Every opinion, every thought, every conviction and every message must be respected and understood. However, public figures clearly know that they can influence hundreds of thousands of people, so they should be more cautious at times.