Why Novak Djokovic's biggest career defeat is the coldness of the crowds?

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Why Novak Djokovic's biggest career defeat is the coldness of the crowds?

Despite the great victories obtained over the years Novak Djokovic has not conquered the love that the crowds have for Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. And is this perhaps the greatest defeat and displeasure of his glorious career? Seeing Djokovic, especially in the matches against Federer and Nadal, we can say that the Serb has a steel mind, because he manages to turn the cheering towards his two rivals into motivation and dedication, and then beat them.

In the head-to-head he is building up a tyrannical advantage against his two rivals. But surely he aspires to become the best in history and, why not, also the most respected and beloved. Parents and other people have often said that Nole is less and less loved by crowds than Roger and Rafa are: "I don't know why people don't love him like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Honestly, I don't know, because he's good, he works hard, but people don't like him like Federer or Nadal. Maybe it's because he beat them and he became world no.1 and they couldn't stand it. A wimbledon 2019, in a court where everyone applauded Roger Federer, we were few to support Novak.

But it annoyed me because Federer is a little arrogant," said Dijana Djokovic, Novak's mother. The love of crowds cannot be bought. Federer and Nadal got the love of most fans thanks to their victories, their charisma, their defeats and their rivalry. And also because they arrived first in front of the ravenous mouths of fans and crowds, who exalted their rivalry, such as ice and fire.

Djokovic came later, trying to insert himself, seeking the support of the fans. Sometimes even with excessive dramas. Maybe pushing too hard on the accelerator. Fans have long chosen Roger and Rafa, so snatching supporters from them was a practically impossible goal.

Why isn't Novak Djokovic as loved as Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal?

But Nole deserves their own support, for everything he is doing, but the affection cannot be bought: "Novak is very cool, but underneath he has a tender heart.

The family is his foundation. He is a bit annoyed that although he is highly respected, he is not loved by fans like Federer or Nadal. He wants to be at their level, but the affection of the fans is not something he can buy," said Boris Becker a few years ago.

In 2018 the Briton Annabel Croft highlighted how much this situation weighs to the Serb, whose goal would be to be loved as much as the two other rivals: "You cannot achieve the results that he has achieved without a frightening soul.

And I think this kind of explains why you struggle so much to really be loved by people. Djokovic doesn't always understand why people's love is for Roger and Rafa, while he always comes after. I think everyone agrees: until Federer and Nadal 's retirement Djokovic will not be able to win the love of the crowds," she said.

His imitations of colleagues and other nice jokes: this is the recipe for the athlete that everyone would like. But Nole occasionally joked too much even during games. Federer, who has never spoken badly about anyone, said: "I think it's a joke."

It took a while for American fans to appreciate Roger Federer early in his career. For the simple fact that he beat the Americans. The most significant example is the final won against Andre Agassi in 2005, where the crowd certainly did not support Federer.

Then when Agassi retired, Federer was the most loved even in the USA. Maybe it's just a matter of timing: Novak Djokovic arrived in an era where Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal were already the most beloved, or perhaps because the crowds simply appreciate his two rivals more.

Maybe things will change when Federer and Nadal retire, but today this is perhaps Novak Djokovic's biggest career defeat.