The US Open are the best hope of 2020

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The US Open are the best hope of 2020

The US Open are the best hope for the 2020 tennis season, stopped from early March to late July, with the central part gone, without Wimbledon and with the French Open postponed to the end of September. In New York we will be a special begin for everyone: tennis players, media, insidious, fans and crowds.

It is hoped that from August everything it will return to a semblance of normalcy We are all hungry for tennis, to see our beloved protagonists battle again on he courts to win titles and give us other infinite emotions. The US Open is the final Slam of the season: despite its importance, it came after the Australian Open and, above all, after the Roland Garros and Wimbledon.

Despite the success of the crowd and the latest technological improvements such as the retractable roof on the Arthur Ashe Stadium, the New York Slam was by many labeled (wrongly) as the least interesting Slam among the four.

This year at Flushing Meadows they will have to do everything they can to play and to offer a show that brings attention back to tennis. Whether there is a crowd or not, the US Open will be the center of attention after months without tennis.

The tournament is perhaps the best hope of offering fans and crowds a truly magical fortnight show. Much more than at the Roland Garros. In Paris they will play in the Autumn, in unprecedented and uncertain climatic conditions, without a real clay-swing before.

In short, the Roland Garros 2020 is a too big unknown, which, today, perhaps not from the same guarantees that the US Open can give.

The US Open give more guarantees than the Roland Garros

If all goes well, they will play in New York on the dates already scheduled, from 24 August to 8 September 2020.

In its stage and in its natural and ideal period. Perhaps there could also be the presence of some crowds, with the necessary precautions and if, obviously, the global pandemic slows down its run. Also in New York, unlike Paris, there should be all the greatest tennis players on the planet.

In fact, they should resume playing already at the combined Cincinnati (which perhaps could be played at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center), on hard-courts. This would mean that after months of rest and after a few weeks of training, the stars could offer to the ravenous mouths of fans a great show.

The jump from hard-courts to clay-courts is too fast today: only a week from the US Open final to the start of Roland Garros. Perhaps many players will decide not to play Paris and focus directly on New York. Others will arrive in precarious physical and technical conditions, considering the rapid change of surface and the only week of difference between the two Majors.

That's why I have few doubts thinking that the US Open 2020 will represent a time of rebirth for tennis, in hibernation after months of pandemic: players, media and fans are ready and confident for the come back, hoping that it will be an unforgettable show, a dream like only New York can give.