Why tennis needs Nick Kyrgios and Eugenie Bouchard

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Why tennis needs Nick Kyrgios and Eugenie Bouchard

Those who say that tennis should be only a prerogative of gentlemen like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, make a big mistake: players like Nick Kyrgios and Eugenie Bouchard are very useful for the Game, regardless of their results on the courts.

In the past, John McEnroe was able to combine a showman behivior (despite many amusing controversies) and a winning career. Today Kyrgios and Bouchard have not managed to get any major successes from their careers, for one reason or another.

After his spectacular 2014, Genie dropped more and more in the ranking, sinking beyond the 300th position, playing very disappointing performances. Kyrgios won some tournaments, but too little compared to the enormous potential that he has, still almost completely unexplored.

So what is their usefulness? Let's start with Kyrgios. Nick with his borderlines behaviors, controversies, fines and his comments on Twitter, managed to become a social star, for better or for worse. Unlike McEnroe he still could not completely combine temperament and successes, but his bad boy attitudes that annoy Rafael Nadal always attract new attention and even new fans, intrigued by the young Australian's behavior.

Nick Kyrgios and Eugenie Bouchard make tennis transversal and multidimensional

From the sentences about Stan Wawrinka and Donna Vekic, the indolent behavior on the courts, the sharp words between him and Nadal, the complaints about the clay season, the statements about his adventures with fans, and the match played against Rafa after drinking during the night.

In short, Kyrgios always manages to give food for thought, perhaps often politically incorrect, sometimes funny, sometimes frustrating. A tennis player of his talent, however, must aspire to more important events, but it is still good for tennis.

Bouchard played a divine 2014, with the final lost in Wimbledon against Petra Kvitova and the semifinals at the Roland Garros and the Australian Open. Then she got lost. On the court she could no longer find tennis like in 2014, sinking into a spiral of bad performances.

However, among the covers of some magazines, some of her declarations and, above all, her activity on social media, she became one of the most popular tennis players of this era. Now she is one of the queens of Twitter. With her bets and dating with the fans, the diverent posts that she often writes on Twitter, the charity initiatives and the talks, she managed to have a huge catchment area, making tennis transversal, giving a new dimension to the star with the racket .

That's why, despite borderlines and disappointing performances, Nick Kyrgios and Eugenie Bouchard are two very important players for the Game, giving three-dimensionality and a different and wider image of how a star is.