Roger Federer's 2021: One last magic before the end of the dream

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Roger Federer's 2021: One last magic before the end of the dream

Just a few days ago Roger Federer informed via Twitter media and fans about the new surgery that will force him to skip the rest of 2020. The Swiss Maestro will come back on ​​the court in 2021, maybe at the Australian Open.

"Dear fans, I hope you are staying safe and healthy. A few weeks ago, have experienced a setback during my initial rehabilitation, I had to have an additional quick arthroscopic procedure on my right knee Now, much I like I did leading up to 2017 season, I plan to take the necessary time to be 100% ready to play at my highest level.

I will be missing my fans and the Tour dearly but, I will look forward to seeing everyone back on the Tour at the start of 2021 season. At the best, Roger." A logical decision considering that the most important part of the season for him was canceled due to the global pandemic that stopped tennis at least until July 31st.

Without his beloved grass-season and without Wimbledon, with few certainties still regarding the rest of the season starting from the US Open which is still in doubt, Federer decided to take advantage of it and definitely fix his right knee, already operated at the beginning of the season after the Match for Africa 6.

But in all likelihood (but obviously who knows?) fans will have to be ready and prepared: 2021 should be Roger Federer's last season before his final retirement.

There are many reasons to think so. Next year Roger will celebrate 40 years-old.

Despite his incredible longevity and competitiveness, he could decide to retire from tennis in the year in which he will celebrate 40 springs behinfd him, closing a career that lasted more than twenty years. The Tokyo Olympics will take place in 2021.

Federer has never won the Olympic gold medal in the men's singles and next year he will have the last chance of his career to be able to obtain this last great achievement that is still missing from his collection. Despite the inexorably advancing age, double surgery on his right knee and a 2020 marked for problems with the global pandemic and practically without tennis midseason, Federer will still have one season, 2021, to try to surprise himself and his fans once again, sipping the tournaments focusing on the main goals: Australian Open, Wimbledon and Olympic gold medal.

If he manages to hit at least one of these three goals he will end an immortal career with the classic icing on the cake. Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are however destined to overcome his 20 Slams record, but Roger Federer, who may already be planning his retirement at the end of 2021, will want to excite the whole world of sport again, giving all his admirers one last magic.