Djokovic should silence his father's words on Roger Federer

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Djokovic should silence his father's words on Roger Federer

Novak Djokovic's parents are doing their best to release sharp words against Roger Federer but, indirectly, they are creating great damage to their son's image, especially at this time when Novak is receiving a lot of criticism about his declarations for the US Open and for the security protocols of the Adria Tour.

In a recent interview Srdjan Djokovic attacked the Swiss Maestro again: "In life there are more important things than tennis and it is a bit strange that Roger is still playing at 40 years-old. Novak represents the best of me and my wife: he has taken the best characteristics and left the worst us.

As for Roger, he is still at the top and he is among the best in the world, but this will not last long and this is a fact. Nole and Federer have cultivated respect for each other, but I really don't understand why he still plays at 40 years-old. I think Federer can't stand that both Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic are better than him, and he doesn't accept that they will outdo him.Come on mate, grow you children, do something else, maybe go skiing or more.

Tennis is not a lifetime, it's just a hobby. We are at the end for you now, Federer is just a normal tennis player." These words are in stark contrast to those of Nole, who a few days ago said that Roger Federer is the greatest tennis player ever: "When it comes to Federer, nothing surprises me.

He is probably the strongest of all time, the most strong I've ever wielded a racket. " Djokovic is going through a particular moment: being the creator of the Adria Tour and being involved in its organization, he received many criticisms for what happened during the first days of the tournament, with little respect for safety and distancing protocols social Nole is also receiving a lot of criticism, including from colleagues, about his statements on the US Open.

In all the context there are the statements of his father Srdjan, who will certainly polarize many other criticisms and misconceptions by all fans who travel the world for eleven months of the year chasing a tennis ball.

Djokovic should silence his parents' statements against Roger Federer. He aspires to be not only the strongest tennis player in history, but also one of the most loved. But to win the love of the crowd, and to take off the villain's clothes and wear the hero's armor, you need common sense, patience and foresight.

And also a good dose of cunning. When his parents continue to criticize the most beloved tennis player in history so bitterly (and perhaps in installments), it will be difficult for Novak Djokovic to surpass Roger Federer in popularity.