Adria Tour positive tests are Novak Djokovic's fault

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Adria Tour positive tests are Novak Djokovic's fault

World no.1 Novak Djokovic and Andrey Rublev had to face each other on Sunday evening in the final of the second round of the Adria Tour, scheduled in Zadar. However, the event was canceled due to Grigor Dimitrov's positivity to the virus: the Bulgaria spread the news through his social media channels.

After this situation, all the tennis players who attended the event underwent a swab before leaving Croatia. After Dimitrov, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki also tested positive for the swab and there are concerns that in the next few hours there will be other cases.

Considering also the weak security protocols during the Adria Tour events, there is the suspicion that there may be new cases. In the meantime, all tennis players have performed the swab, all except Novak Djokovic. The Serb champion, who had spent many days with Dimitrov, refused to take the test and preferred to go home to Belgrade.

It must be said that the athletes were not obliged to undergo the swab. During the tournament Djokovic beat Pedja Krstin, Borna Coric and Nino Serdarusic. However, a staff member of world no.1 was also found positive to the test.

It seems clear that despite the reassurances, the security protocols of the Adria Tour have failed, and the fault lies with the organization, including Djokovic himself. Today arrived the confirm: also Novak Djokovic was found positite to the virus.

The last weeks of Novak Djokovic, between statements and criticisms

In recent weeks Novak Djokovic has received many criticisms, in particular for behaviors deemed irresponsible during the Adria Tour with the Serb always in close contact with people.

In addition, Novak also commented on the officiality of the US Open which will not be canceled but will be played as expected. Here are his words on the matter: "I think many people were skeptical, especially for the US events since the pandemic situation in the United States is still very difficult.

Honestly, I too was very skeptical about this situation. Now, however, I am happy that you are playing, so tennis players can compete and there are still many jobs. We are lovers of tennis and we are passionate about it, we miss competing and traveling and in general we miss being on the Tour.

I think this is very positive news. The rules are very strict, I must say, with South American athletes who cannot leave their countries and enter the United States. We work with the ATP and the USA so that this situation can change.

Let's hope you don't stick with this scenario, there's still time. It is hoped that every single player who participates deserves for the ranking and for their situation and that everyone has equal opportunities to the Us Open.

" Now it remains to be understood what will happen to the next tournaments and if the Adria Tour does it will have repercussions on both the season and the next tournaments that will be played in the coming weeks. With Novak Djokovic at the center of the controversy.