Novak Djokovic rightly in the crossfire, but he also deserves respect

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Novak Djokovic rightly in the crossfire, but he also deserves respect

Novak Djokovic is in the crossfire after what happened during the Adria Tour. He received many criticisms for what happened between Serbia and Croatia: there was not the slightest respect for security measures, nor for social distancing.

The result was Djokovic's virus positivity and that of his wife Jelena, after those of Grigor Dimitrov, Borna Coric and Viktor Troicki. Then there were the grotesque statements by Srdjan Djokovic, Nole's dad, about Grigor Dimitrov: "Dimitrov? He probably came with an infection taken who knows where.

It hasn't been tested here, he did it elsewhere. He inflicted serious damage to Serbia and Croatia as well as my family. My son is not emotionally well, right now. He cannot be comfortable in such a situation. But we will get out of this story with more force.

We will do everything possible to repeat an event of the generally in Croatia when everything is back to normal." Srdjan, probably Novak Djokovic's biggest media burden, threw more gas on the fire, after not exactly flattering statements about Roger Federer, causing too many critics to converge on his son.

I also criticized Djokovic: Nole was one of the organizers and promoters of Adria Tour: a champion like him should have paid more attention and, above all, he should have weighed more in the decision of the security protocols.

Security protocols, however, which were not regulated by Djokovic, but by the governors of Serbia and Croatia, who allowed, during the Adria Tour, extremely questionable rules of social distancing and security protocols.

Why Novak Djokovic deserves respect?

Nole was perhaps naive, he should have been more cautious and more responsible. The criticisms are correct, ok, but he still respects respect, because his goal, and that of the Adria Tour, had a noble purpose.

In fact, we must not forget how much passion Nole organized this itinerant event, the proceeds of which are used to finance some charitable initiatives. Then, of course, we all know what happened. We have seen images that we would like to forget with all the tragedies related to the virus across the world.

We have seen the positivity to the test of many great champions who should have set a good example for all their fans. Nole has his responsibilities, especially for communication and for the bad example given (regarding social distancing and caution).

The rest obviously depended by the decisions of the organizers and governments of the two countries, which allowed this unworthy spectacle (always from the point of view of social distancing and security protocols). We must not forget that there are still people in much of the world who are suffering from the virus and, even if your name is famous, even if your name is Novak Djokovic, extreme caution is needed in these cases.