Roger Federer's come back: goals like poetries

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Roger Federer's come back: goals like poetries

Roger Federer wants to give one last magic to all tennis lovers, his fans, sportsmen, media, his family and himself. The Swiss Maestro could not do it this year. After a first surgery on his right knee, he decided to completely skip 2020 and come back to the court directly in 2021.

A fair decision, all things considered. On the eve of his 39 years-old, Federer had already lost two of his main goals for this season: Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympic Games, due to the global pandemic. Initially, after Match for Africa 6, his idea was to come back to the court for the grass-season, but the pandemic completely changed the season (and life) of athletes, media, fans and crowds.

Furthermore, recovery from the first surgery was not so immediate and definitive. With Wimbledon and Tokyo gone, he decided to do a second surgery and permanently solve the problems: with over six months of recovery, rest, and training (in order, of course), Federer could be fresh and in excellent shape already from the Australian Open 2020 , with his opponents who, from the end of August to the end of the season, will have to play many matches in a few weeks, after many months of stop, exhausting their physique.

Wimbledon and Tokyo: Federer will seek a worthy conclusion to his career

Closing his career by winning Wimbledon and the Olympic gold medal in Tokyo would be the perfect ending for Roger Federer. A dream close to utopia, with Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic ready to bite the Swiss Maestro and take away glory, records and titles.

But Federer will have that empty atavistic in his stomach, which at almost 40 years-old makes him different from all the other fools who chase a tennis ball around the world 11 months a year. He will do everything to get to those two events in perfect psycho-physical shape.

The Olympic gold medal in Tokyo would have a special flavor: obtaining it Federer would conquer not only the Career Golden Slam, but the only title that is still missing from his extraordinary collection. Winning the 9th title at Wimbledon would be like an English or Scottish poem, permeated with a meaning that sounds and words would still struggle to express its importance for the history of the Game.

In the middle I am quite sure that the pride of the Swiss Maestro hides something else. Since 2017 he has came back to beat his rival and friend Rafa Nadal many times, but what Federer would secretly want to do is beat Novak Djokovic in a Slam challenge and avenge all the bitter defeats of the last few years. The goals are officially two, but we can also say three.