Willing mind and a still-recuperating physique mark Grigor Dimitrov's US Open plans

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Willing mind and a still-recuperating physique mark Grigor Dimitrov's US Open plans

The only consensus in the scheduling of the US Open – and by extension, the rest of the American swing – is in not having one. Chaotic opinions have abounded on whether tennis season 2020 needs to lift off again, from there.

This disparity pertains to players too, one of whom is Grigor Dimitrov. The Bulgarian returned to a tennis court after a month’s absence brought about by Covid-19 infection, in the second edition of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS).

His being back on the court has meant seeing him overcome Coronavirus' infectious spell. Queries about his thoughts on playing the US Open have also promptly followed.

Grigor Dimitrov on playing the US Open

The world no. 19 spoke with a pool of journalists after his second UTS match on Sunday.

Replying to TennisWorld USA’s question about him playing at Flushing Meadows, Dimitrov admitted he was undecided as yet and that it was majorly due to him having doubts about regaining his fitness level, since the infection.

“I don’t know if I am going to be able to recover that quickly in order for me to fly again, and I have to put my body through a really rigorous regime again. It’s been about a week, 10 days that I am back on my feet,” Dimitrov admitted.

“I want to say it’s ambitious for me to go play, but I am just really not sure how my body is going to respond”. Regardless of his eventual decision – either of his own volition or lack thereof – Dimitrov shared he would continue with his training regime to ascertain where his fitness was at by the time, the US Open rolled in.

“I am going to keep on practising, keep on seeing where my physicality is going to take me, and hopefully, I have also a good mentality to go through (it) as well,” he said. Dimitrov, then, added that he wasn't the only one who is having to evaluate his options regarding playing the United States.

“I think a lot of players are definitely a little bit confused about what they should do. That’s no hiding (it),” he said. And the only way, according to him, to resolve this fluid scenario is to have more information in hand.

Not only about the tournament in question, i.e. the US Open but also about other variables, which in this context involves players’ quarantine upon their entry back into Europe from the US. “Obviously, when we know more about the tournament, I think we all can sit down with our teams and sort of discuss the possibility of playing the US Open or if we are going to go or not.

Also, don’t forget, the quarantine is going to be a big issue for everyone,” Dimitrov pointed out. Finally, adding that at the moment every player only had questions and not much by way of answers, the former world no.

3 concluded by saying, “Once some more information surfaces then, I think, everybody is going to kind of (check) that and then probably going to make the best decision for himself”. Photo Credit: Ultimate Tennis Showdown (UTS)