Will this be Juan Martin del Potro's end of career?

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Will this be Juan Martin del Potro's end of career?

Juan Martin del Del Potro is the man of impossible challenges, of unpredictable come backs: the one who dominates destiny, even when everyone is against him, but this could really be the end of his glorious career. Because his ordeal seems to have no end.

He has been stopped with a right knee injury since winning against Denis Shapovalov in the Queen's first round in 2019. An agony and a comeback expected more than a year, amidst hopes, fears, despair and suffering. On that occasion, the Argentine tennis player had to undergo a knee operation already affected by the fall in Shanghai 2018, and then had a new surgery, the second on the patella, last January.

After the rumors of the past week, confirmation arrives that there will be a third one, surgery for him. Delpo tried to return to training in Buenos Aires, but as leaked from his entourage the pain continued to persist, thus requiring a new patella operation.

For the Argentine tennis player this will be the seventh surgery of his career: three on the left wrist, one on the right wrist, three on the knee. The question is simple: will Juan Martin del Potro have the psychological strength to return to the court again?

Juan Martin del Potro: is this the end or not?

The doctor who will take care of the operation is Roland Biedert, the surgeon who recently operated on Roger Federer's knee in Bern, an indiscretion that has been circulating for some time.

Biedert followed Del Potro and recommended a new surgery after the constant pain in the field. The hope of all fans is to see the Tandìl tower again soon on the pitch, and probably the after-effects of this operation will be decisive for the future of Del Potro's career, which appears increasingly complicated, if not impossible.

This could indeed be the end of his career, but it is not certain. After the surgeries on his wrist, del Potro was able to come back to play a Slam final, in 2018, right in New York, losing to Novak Djokovic. But the final, obtained nine years after his only Grand Slam triumph in Flushing Meadows against Federer, symbolized that year a sign of rebirth.

A phoenix that is reborn from its ashes. That year Delpo was 30 years old. Today, at the age of 32, returning to play on a tennis court after the third surgery on the patella of the right knee seems like a utopia. Of course, if Juan Martin del Potro were able to return to competition even after this disaster, he would write one of the most significant sporting miracles in history.

Its name will be perpetual over time as a symbol of the one who never gives up, not even in the darkest moment, when, from the darkness of the bottom of the well, the light just cannot be seen.