US Open final day recap: Dominic Thiem pushes aside the Big Three!

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US Open final day recap: Dominic Thiem pushes aside the Big Three!

Dominic Thiem is the new US Open 2020 champion, the first Slam winner other than Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic from Flushing Meadows 2016, the first tennis player born after 1990 to win the men's single of a Slam event.

He did catch two sets of disadvantage to German Alexander Zverev, who, up to the middle of the third set, seemed destined to win the title. Instead, the 140th edition of the most atypical Slam ever, amidst health bubbles, disqualifications and many other twists, ends with an epochal but necessary change of guard between Old Gen and Middle Gen.

Severin Luthi responds to rumors about Roger Federer's possible retirement: "Today, Roger is at a point in his career where he can make the decisions he wants in the short term. We'll have to watch how your body responds when it returns to the competition and right now.

no one can even say how the pandemic will proceed. Wimbledon, aside from the Games, is one of his goals for the season but it's not just about appointments. We don't talk every day, but every now and then he tells me he's watching a tournament.

the truth is that Roger has never been a player so much watching his rivals' games to see how they play. He sees it because he likes sports, but he is happy to be in Switzerland spending time with his family."

The best and the worst from the final day at the US Open 2020

Here are the words of Naomi Osaka about Kobe Bryant.

Naomi showed herself on the court, after each win, with a shirt from the former Los Angeles star, and then she tweeted: "I wore this shirt every day after my races. I really think it gave me strength. Always!" In the latest edition of the NCR Tennis Podcast, New York Times reporter Ben Rothenberg expressed his opinion on the serious incident involving Novak Djokovic at the US Open.

He said: "Djokovic believes he can do whatever he wants. I think it's no accident what happened to Novak Djokovic. People don't normally hit judges in the throat. At Roland Garros 2016, he threw his racket at the back and thankfully the line judge dodged in time to avoid getting hit.

Novak is not the only player who does, but he has never wanted to deal with this issue to date. Throughout the year, Djokovic has thought he could do whatever he wanted. Be it the water molecules or the Adria Tour during a pandemic.

He and his fans hid behind the fact that the intentions were good. That doesn't matter given the consequences. Nole he has so much fire within him that it occasionally escapes him. I think his personality is not conscientious enough to notice the consequences of what he does."