Tennis World Magazine - issue 3

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Tennis World Magazine - issue 3

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Tsonga: The only pressure I feel at the French Open comes from journalists
So why is it that in tennis, home advantage often seems to have a crippling effect on the nation’s finest, stifling them from being able to play their game The Comeback Queen
The true sports star is a world apart The Next Graf?
Numbers don’t lie Johnny Mac’s Take
When John McEnroe retired in 1992, tennis fans the world over were justifiably sad Ivan Lendl – An Interview
Since his retirement, Ivan Lendl has kept his distance from professional tennis

Guga’s Greatness
In the spring of 1997, it was a time of music, dance and joy for Brazilian tennis fans.

Red Earth, Blue Sea
Monte Carlo The campaign for greater prize money
The news was met with bemusement from both fans and players alike. “I don’t see any reason why not to go for it. That’s what we’re all looking for,” world number 6 Tomas Berdych commented at the time.

Belgium in search of a substitute
Orphan of Justine Henin and with Kim Clijsters, the Belgian focuses towards a generational change that the lack of competitive players in the men's field has only accentuated The Other Harrison Boy
Who knows what his parents must have thought at the start of 2010, when doctors diagnosed Christian Harrison with a serious bone condition Not without my brother
The women’s game has seen some famous sister acts in recent times.

Centre Court Style
See Tennis Style through the ages TRANS World Sport
The Controversial Competitor Best of the Rest
Almost good enough. This is the story of David Ferrer. The First Russian Queen
Bill Simmons summed up the mood of the moment when he said: "Two years until she's legal." Nightmares and Delusions
Graf vs.

Seles – US Open 1995 Life After Tennis
Former world number one doubles player, Helena Sukova, was recently awarded her Doctorate in Philosophy. We take a look at her career and her new life in Prague. 
 Bobby Riggs – A Born Player
"I remember when I was small, I wanted to go with my brothers to a Pacific League game.

They came up with the idea of ​​me running against the neighbor's son. If I won, I could go with them. If I didn’t, they would go off without me." Think Big
BIG, in everything he did! In his technique and character, his victories and defeats, in his life and the legacy he left behind.

Tennis, American tennis in particular, owes much to the man who used to see his sport as an art form - and never stopped feeling as if he was on a stage. Slazenger: The History Of The Racquet
Slazenger is one of the oldest and most interesting manufacturers of tennis equipment in the world.

Kevin Curren’s place in the annals of South African tennis history is secure
A four-time Grand Slam doubles winner and twice runner up in singles, Curren’s greatest disappointment is not that he fell short at the final hurdle in two Slam finals, but that he never had the opportunity to represent South Africa in the Davis Cup.

Older and Wiser
About 10 years ago, I had the opportunity of taking part in the Italian Championships in the over-35 category. Book: "The Player"
“I complained on the tennis courts,” Boris Becker says in the foreword of his autobiography.

“I cried, I spat, bled and winced in pain. I protested, and annoyed everyone, from my fellow competitors and my coaches to the spectators and my parents.” Motivation and Self Confidence in Sports
Motivation is an “inner engine" that activates when someone wants to achieve a certain objective Tennis And Zen
Many years ago in China, a young monk asked his Zen Master: "What is enlightenment?" The Master answered: "When I eat, I eat.

When I sleep, I sleep." Tennis Tournament Eating
What to Eat Throughout the Day of Competition Hamstring Injuries
Hamstring injuries are common in athletes and can often be chronic, becoming a source of problems.

The Backhand: One-Hander vs. Two-Hander
The debate over which of the two backhand options is better has been going on for the past two decades. Paying attention to your opponent’s movements
This is a critical component of the sport, since the most basic element of tennis is playing the ball into an area left exposed by your opponent.

In order to do this, experienced tennis players use their peripheral vision to remain aware of their opponent’s movements at all times. This allows them to quickly formulate a strategy to take advantage of their opponent’s court position.

The Importance Of The Crossover Step During Recovery
One of the biggest differences between a club-level player and a professional is definitely footwork. Learn to Return like Andy Murray
Andy Murray has become a force to be reckoned with on Tour. The art of rallying
The art of rallying does not simply involve getting the ball over the net.