Grigor Dimitrov and the 2020 road he's travelled

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Grigor Dimitrov and the 2020 road he's travelled

The year 2020 unwound differently for each one of us, and the tennis world and its players were no exceptions to this progression. One player in particular who has had to deal with more than a token share of the year’s vagaries has been Grigor Dimitrov.

The tumultuousness of the Bulgarian’s 2020 can be best described as before and after as he, alongside most of his colleagues, re-joined the tour as it un-paused itself. Likewise, while Dimitrov’s results this year, too, have been impacted by the chaos that has surrounded him, the 29-year-old making his way back to the tour has been about backing himself up with lessons he has learnt through the lows he has had this year, away from the court.

Grigor Dimitrov: His evolvement in his words

Replying to TennisWorld USA’s question about how he coped and grew as a player and person after the problems that accosted him, in Antwerp, Dimitrov opened up and said it all came down to being honest.

Not only to himself but also before the world. “There was a lot I went through this year… and that goes beyond tennis, to be honest,” Dimitrov shared. “I would never like to hide away things and just pretend that everything is linked to that (tennis).

Of course not”. Then, without going into details, Dimitrov continued, “We all have lives outside of tennis. I had a couple of low points outside of my health and the sport itself and it’s never easy to balance all that.

No doubt about it”. For the former world no. 3 though, these downs are nothing out of the ordinary while living one’s life. “You go through those things and you grow from that,” he rationalised, pointing out that these experiences had helped gain a better perspective about tennis and himself, the tennis professional.

“For some reason, those things are really helping me on the court right now to just appreciate more of my sport, to appreciate more of my craft and what I do every time I get out on the court”. This discerning of Dimitrov, by his self-admission, has also made him more cognizant of the nuances that encompass the realms of success and defeat.

“Sometimes it feels like win or lose equals the same which is such a great feeling,” he reflected, adding that he wanted to win each time he took the court for a match. Yet, Dimitrov pointed out, he had understood it was just as vital that one was honest to oneself in accepting the eventuality of the result, without complaining.

Grigor Dimitrov said executing this principle into reality was the impetus he needed to recover and rediscover his love for the game when the tour started again. “I was just able to do that and I think that really helped me to come into the sport again and be a little bit more excited,” he stated, with a sobering finality. Photo Courtesy: European Open, Antwerp