Naomi Osaka: a personality deep like an ocean

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Naomi Osaka: a personality deep like an ocean

If we were to compare Naomi Osaka to anything, we would choose the Ocean. Sweet, calm, but tremendously powerful when needed, with calm, placid feelings, sometimes very powerful, as in choices. A surface under which you descend deeply, which tells stratifies a personality that is sweet and strong at the same time, fun and humble, determined, reserved and composed.

Very deep, despite her young age. Naomi Oasaka is a champion who is gaining great national fame (both in Japan and in the USA) and internationally. Her star is shining not only thanks to her remarkable performances on a tennis court, where she won three Grand Slam events, but also off the court, thanks to her courageous political choices, social commitment, some small criticisms (but we are all subject, without distinction!).

In Japan Naomi is now an idol, and it is no coincidence that she will be one of the coverwomen of the next Tokyo Olympics. Naomi was born in the city of the same name in Japan, the beautiful Osaka, in 1997, from a family with a Haitian father and a Japanese mother, a hafu, as the sons and daughters born to a Japanese parent and a different nationality are called in Japan.

She has a sister named Mari. At the age of three, the whole family moved to New York and his father, following the matches played by the Williams sisters at Roland Garros in 1999, decided to teach his daughters the Game. Although she grew up in the United States, her parents decided that she would represent Japan because she was born there and grew up in a Japanese and Haitian culture family.

Despite this, Osaka does not speak Japanese well, as she is a native speaker of English-American. In 2006 the family moved to Florida. After her studies, Naomi fully devoted herself to tennis at the Florida Tennis SBT Academy and the ProWorld Tennis Academy.

Naomi Osaka: a personality like an ocean, which goes deep

Her winning tennis career started very early: already in March 2018 she imposed herself in front of the big crowd by winning Indian Wells. But that was just the appetizer.

In September, on the hard-courts of Flushing Meadows she won her first Grand Slam, the US Open, beating her childhood idol Serena Williams in the final. Just a few months later, in the 2019 Australian Open final, she defeated Petra Kvitova to win the second Major in a row.

After a few months of anonymity and ups and downs, in 2020, the worst year in tennis history, Osaka won her third Grand Slam, again at the US Open, beating the revived Victoria Azarenka in the final. But how is Naomi off the court? A reserved, quiet, smiling girl.

A social media star, now, with lots of followers and fans. Humble and correct, determined and strong, Osaka showed all her maturity after the victory at the US Open 2018, when she showed her respect and her sobriety to Serena Williams, American protagonist of a Dram-Queen scene in the final one, but an idol by Naomi.

Some controversy, like when, a few weeks ago at Christmas, the 23-year-old captioned the photo di lei wishing a Merry Christmas in Japanese (Merii Kurisumasu-ed.), But this glimpse of her lifestyle di lei angered many of her Twitter followers of her.

Here are some comments that criticize Osaka's decision to fly private: "Another rich celebrity who displays wealth in a way that all their fans will never be able to reach. This is the new norm, especially in America.

The general perception is that wealth is equal to value, and is inserted into people's heads. " Then another: "Happy Private Jet. America is dying." And another: "Wow private jets ... I bet it's good for the environment."

Of course, a large number of people also defended Osaka, saying that the Japanese tennis player should enjoy life and ignore the haters. Furthermore, some have commented that in this period, in the middle of the pandemic, if a person has the possibility to use private flights and not go to the airport to take scheduled flights where there are more people, it is a wise, careful choice she does not put her own life and that of others at risk.

Naomi Osaka was a great protagonist and supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement, following the numerous murders linked to black people killed by the police in the USA in 2020. In fact, during the last US Open she took the field 7 times with 7 masks with different names of victims: in the final held, and then won, he chose to pay homage to Tamir Rice, a 12-year-old boy who died from a bullet fired by the Cleveland police in 2014.

And how can we forget the clamorse protest at the Western & Southern Open in the Flushing Meadows bubble, when she threatened not to play in protest? A champion with a character that goes deep, like an ocean.