Carlos Alcaraz: a destiny already written

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Carlos Alcaraz: a destiny already written

"I do not take into consideration all those people who have excessive expectations of me, or who call me the next Rafael Nadal. I try not to listen to these kinds of comments, I focus only on myself, on my work and on the advice.

of my team. All the players are excellent training partners, but of course it is always special to be able to do it with your idol, who in my case is Nadal. I must admit that it was a unique and unforgettable experience, it will remain forever in my heart," Carlos Alcaraz recently said during an interview.

But, the comparison, don't be NOT made by us insiders: media and insiders agree that Carlos Alcaraz is the brightest star of future tennis, perhaps even more than Jannik Sinner. And the comparison with Rafael Nadal cannot fail.

Alcaraz, at just 17 years-old, is already proving to be able to play against more experienced and more trained players, even in the final stages of the ATP tournaments, as we have seen in these days at the Andalucia Open 2021.

Carlos Alcaraz: a destiny already written

Carlos Alcaraz is the youngest semi-finalist in an ATP tournament since 2014, when a similar result was achieved at the age of 17 by Alexander Zverev. The Spaniard, who will turn 18 on 5 May, qualified for the semifinals of the Andalucia Open in Marbella, beating in two sets 6-2 6-4, the young Norwegian Casper Ruud, n.

26 of the world. Alcaraz is also the youngest Spaniard to achieve a similar result since 2003, when the feat was won by Rafael Nadal in Umag. Three victories in the ATP Challengers and three in the Futures, and already a lot of experience accumulated in the ATP Tour: Carlos has already excellent tennis from the baseline, an excellent defense, powerful strokes, grit and determination.

Does he remind you of anything? Of course, Rafael Nadal is still a different player, unique, but in the next few years Alcaraz will be able to approach the Spanish star 20 times Slam champions. He takes hard work, discipline, sacrifices and a mentality that only the greatest champions have.

To date, all qualities that Alcaraz seems to have on the horizon; an orizoznte not too far away. What will it take to emulate Nadal? First of all, his feet firmly planted on the ground, a lot of humility and above all, a lot of strength in managing the pressure that will inevitably arise in the coming months: that of a confrontation that will inevitably enrich or overwhelm him.