Roger Federer extends his horizon: a shareable choice?

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Roger Federer extends his horizon: a shareable choice?

Roger Federer would have extended his horizon: the Swiss Maestro has not yet reached the expiration date, and according to the ATP tournament in Halle, he would have already confirmed his presence for the 2022 edition, when there will also be the crowd on the stands.

But is this a shareable choice? Let's analyze the answers. Why it is a shareable choice Roger Federer is the center of the modern tennis universe. Adored by fans, tournament organizers and brands across the world, he is also an inexhaustible source for media and insiders.

Thanks to Roger Federer the ATP brand has grown, and his presence is always a magnet when he plays a tournament. More Roger Federer equals more attention to tennis, from every point of view. Moreover, his presence on the court would mean another year and a half of thrilling for the Slam Race with his eternal rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic and the possibility of winning another Slam title.

Roger Federer extends his horizon: a shareable choice?

Why it is not a shareable choice Here we leave out the whole marketing question; Roger is such a bright star that he obscures all the young ATPs who are trying to carve out their space in the ATP Tour.

But there is also more: Federer risks, with advancing age, even making a bad impression, if he doesn't being in top psycho-physical form, especially against Novak Djokovic, his nightmare. And that would be the worst way to end his career, also because it would give to the ravenous mouth of Srdjan Djokovic, eager to shoot poison against Roger, other useless pretexts to draw attention to himself, damaging at the same time the image of his son Novak.

Here is the press release from the organizers of the Halle tournament: "Since everyone's health is our priority, we unfortunately have only one option: to organize the tournament without spectators. The pandemic will prevent the public from hosting the Noventi Open until next year."

Tickets already sold for the Halle tournament remain valid for the 2022 edition of the tournament (as in the logic of things). However, the German newspaper Tennisnet gave further news that bodes well for those who have already bought tickets and Roger Federer fans in general.

The Swiss champion, together with the Japanese Kei Nishikori, would have already given the availability to participate in the next edition of the tournament, a news that bodes well and that would therefore mean that this is not the last season in the ATP Tour for Roger Federer who would also planning its 2022 season.