Novak Djokovic absorbs everything: love, hate, trophies, rivals

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Novak Djokovic absorbs everything: love, hate, trophies, rivals

What else can be said about a champion like Novak Djokovic, a tennis player capable of repeatedly beating Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, on hard, on clay and on grass-courts? What else can be said about a champion like the Serb, capable of channeling all "Matteo, Matteo, Matteo" that rained like hail from the stands of the Center Court of Wimbledon, in the final won on Sunday against Berrettini, dominating, as usual? A smile, a look.

A moment as long as a century, as short as the blink of an eye. And in the midst of all of us who see, comment, write about a champion who may not have a sparkling tennis, but a perfect and solid, unshakable gear. Maybe with two opponents on the other side of the net he could even lose.

But there is no one at the moment. 20 Slams, like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal. Always a step backwards, considered less and less than the Roger-Rafa dupolio. But with his sixth Championships title (I emphasize, sixth! ) and 20 Major (yes, 20, like Federer and Nadal), Djokovic can send fans and improvised media across the world behind the blackboard and show them how no one can ignore him now than the other two.

And to hell with all the pieces of trash shot in the past months by an overly chatty father, and also stupid and irresponsible attitudes (see Adria Tour). We talk about the game, the results, the records. Djokovic's tennis will never thrill for beauty like Federer's, perhaps it will be less enthralling than Nadal's, but in terms of effectiveness, robotic perfection, Nole is the perfect synthesis of a virus capable of disrupting the nervous system of the two his great rivals and of all his detractors.

Nole absorbs everything, the good and the bad, those who love him and those who hate him. Man against, despite him, who deserves the same respect and the same recognition of greatness that Federer and Nadal have. The unconditional love of the fans may never have him, but I am sure that in retrospect, everyone will remember him equal to his two rivals.

But actually Nole is not equal to them. He is superior. In the year 2021, Djokovic could close the Grand Slam: 19 of the 20 Slam titles Djokovic has won in less than a decade, from the 2011 Australian Open to Wimbledon 2021; winning in New York he would average two majors a year spread over ten years.

Djokovic is the only one to have won at least twice every Grand Slam and every Masters 1000, he is ahead in head-to-head matches with Nadal (30-28) and Federer (27-23), but he has beaten them several times in Paris and London.

Probably Nole suffers a lot in seeing the crowd and fans not yet consider him as Roger and Rafa, but the numbers at the end of his career, will say that Djokovic is the greatest tennis player in history, the best of every era, for technique, tactics, physical and mental strength.

Each shot he throws across the court marks a new clutch moment of modern tennis. It marks history. He absorbs and transforms into force all the jinxes of his deducers, of all the love that the crowds have for Federer and Nadal, who pull less and less probable arguments out of their hat to try to undermine Novak Djokovic, not to make it look cowardly like the real GOAT of tennis.