In Milan during the Atp finals, the Dunlop card were distributed

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In Milan during the Atp finals, the Dunlop card were distributed

Dunlop, in collaboration with Innovative Solutions 4evapic brand, distributed interactive Dunlop Cards at its stand at the Palalido during the Next Gen ATP Finals in Milan. These cards will allow Dunlop customers to view videos, photo galleries, and other digital products related to the world of the famous Dunlop tennis brand using the 4evapic web platform and via either NFC or QRcode technology.

Customers can also choose to stay updated about new Dunlop products and information after the Next Gen event through webpushing technology. The Dunlop card uses the latest technology to maintain constant contact between the brand and its customers and capture the attention of new one WHO IS 4EVAPIC We are a young Italian company composed of a group of collaborators
that together decide to crown a dream: to present innovative products and solutions on the market with our new “4evapic” brand.
Our journey begins from afar.

For several years we have built our experience in the search for new products but above all we have studied new technologies and their application on behalf of companies in the entertainment and IT sector, now we want to present ourselves on the market in first person.

4evapic web platform allows you to create new interactive content that can be updated at any time and usable through NFC technology in pvc cards, magnets and works of art.
The platform has various licenses available and allows you to create icons to start: - MULTIMEDIA PHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUMS
Upload your photos and create a photo album by adding captions and music and backgrounds in the system.

You can also view the date and your position at the time you took the photos. - VIDEO
Easily connect your previously uploaded videos to the platforms: Vimeo, Youtube or your own server. - PDF
Upload your documents in Pdf format and make the content visible to your customers with just one click. - WEB SITES
Link your company website, your blog, your social pages.