Devvarman: Djokovic, Federer or Nadal? The best player in the world is...

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Devvarman: Djokovic, Federer or Nadal? The best player in the world is...

Tennis - India's former No. 1 player Somdev Devvarman says that the Big Three in the men's game continue to dominate although the younger generation of players are continuing to make a push. In an interview to The Times of India, Devvarman says, "The way I look at Grand Slams… I would say that the top guys are still at the top.

Novak is the best player in the world, .. Rafa is the best player on clay ever and of course, Roger is playing well – he has just won Miami.." Devvarman adds that the younger set of players are continuing to make headway but are finding it tougher than expected.

"The young generation is trying very hard to make the push and break into the top league. There are so many young talents out there - Tsitsipas, Kyle Edmund, Hyeon Chung… The names go on. They are finding it hard to make that breakthrough because 3 out of 5 sets is so different than 2 out of 3.

But they are very close and it’s just a matter of time. Rafa, Novak and Roger have been right there on the top for the longest time. And that’s one of the reasons why it is so special. If you look back, even guys like Borg, McEnroe, Agassi… Of course, they were all great players.

But then come and see three guys in one era winning 15 plus slams, I think that’s crazy and impressive”.

34-year-old Devvarman retired from the game in January 2017 and recently got married last month. He has also been working on several business ventures outside of tennis.