Rohan Bopanna Has No Plans to Retire Just Yet

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Rohan Bopanna Has No Plans to Retire Just Yet

Indian tennis ace Rohan Bopanna says that he has no plans to retire just yet as he wants his daughter to watch him play tennis. In an interview to The Bridge, the 39-year-old Bopanna says, “I want my daughter to watch me play, you know.

If I retire now, how will she be able to do that? I really want to play as much as possible so she can actually accompany me and be there in the stands, watching me play. I hope to play as much as I can”. Bopanna, who recently announced that he would not play the India Pakistan Davis Cup tie due to an injury, says that playing with the youngsters at his academy also motivates him to continue playing.

“Not only that, since I have started my academy in Bengaluru, I think I have inspired a lot of youngsters. When I go to the academy, I’m able to say that I’m still playing and I can give them a lot of feedback… I think that makes a big difference.

I don’t see any reason to stop at the moment." The Indian ace continues to add that having a family has helped him and does not distract him from his game. "I’ve been a professional for many, many years and the experience comes into play.

When I’m getting on the court, I know what the priorities are. I focus on my tennis right there and that’s how I go about it. Even my wife knows that at this point, my main focus when I’m playing is going out there and giving my best irrespective of what is happening elsewhere.

Those couple of hours that I am on the court, I’m 100% focused on my game and I’m committed to doing what I do best. With technology improving these days, it’s easier to keep in touch with your closed ones from anywhere in the world.

So that, also, definitely help”. Bopanna is currently ranked No. 38 in the world and has won 1 title on the ATP circuit this season, with a 28-26 record on the tour.