Sumit Nagal Aims to Break into the Top 80 & Seek Olympic Berth in 2020

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Sumit Nagal Aims to Break into the Top 80 & Seek Olympic Berth in 2020

India's Sumit Nagal says he wants to break into the Top 80 of the world rankings in order to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics while speaking at an event in Chennai. Nagal, who broke into the spotlight this year when he qualified for the US Open and took a set off against Roger Federer, said, "As I said first it is the top 100 then look for the top 80 and look for the Olympics spot.

I think it is around 80-85 to make it to the Olympics." Nagal said the biggest factor that helped him rise up the rankings in 2019 was that he remained injury-free. The Indian won an ATP Challenger title in Buenos Aires, reached another Challenger final and six other Challenger semi-finals.

"The biggest factor this season was staying injury-free. In my last 4-5 years, every year I have played seven to eight months. For the first time in the last five years, I had played without getting injured. I tore my ankle in the summer.

Other than that body has been fine. No new injuries or no big issues with my body." Nagal said that he would also like to play more ATP level events next year. "I think mostly the aim is to play the ATP Tour this year.

I want to improve my ranking. I am still in a spot where I will mostly be in the qualifiers of the ATP 250 events, so the focus is to improve my ranking."