Sania Mirza: Self Love is Very Important

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Sania Mirza: Self Love is Very Important

Former World No. 1 Sania Mirza is back in India after her campaign in Dubai and is helping her sister, Anam Mirza, with the latter's 4-year-old lifestyle exhibition called Label Bazaar. Label Bazaar will be hosting its 12th Season in Hyderabad and Bangalore in the month of February 2020 where the theme is ‘Loving Yourself’ every day.

Sania and her sister Anam Mirza spoke to IANSlife about fitness, sisterhood and being the best version of yourself. Sania says her sister is her best friend besides also being her stylist. "My sister is my best friend and she is my go-to person for everything.

She is also my stylist because she understands my sense of style so well. We do a lot of fun things together like taking holidays, going for dinners and also hitting the gym. I always look forward to the Label Bazaar which is a fashion and lifestyle exhibition she curates.

I know how much thought and effort goes behind every single show. I’ve been in the limelight since I was 16 so I guess I am used to it. But I am a very private person in general and I don’t think I’ve ever thought of it in a way to make it work in or against my favor."

Mirza adds that loving one self is very important. "I think self-love is very important. How you feel about yourself impacts your attitude with other people too. Most people who are insecure or struggle with self-confidence are the ones who don’t love themselves enough when they have so many reasons to.

As the brand ambassador of the Label Bazaar, I am proud that they are addressing this issue and that their latest edition is centric to the theme of self-love. I’ve always indulged in retail therapy and I think everyone should!" Her sister Anam, who was also a professional level shooter and also recently got married, says that she is quite similar to her sister.

"I am someone who has been brought up in a sports-loving family and watching my sister play since I was a child. Also, a lesser-known fact is that I used to be a professional level shooter and basketball player as well.

From one family that loves sports so deeply to another, we are more similar than different. We are used to the constant distances and living out of suitcases. So it’s nothing new to me and I love being married."