Zeeshan Ali:Coronavirus? Almost like a movie scene, the situation worldwide is severe

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Zeeshan Ali:Coronavirus? Almost like a movie scene, the situation worldwide is severe

India's Davis Cup captain Zeeshan Ali has reached Zagreb for the India vs. Croatia Davis Cup World Group Qualifying Tie which takes place next week and said that his travel experience felt like a scene from a movie and made him realise how severe the coronavirus situation worldwide was.

Speaking to The Telegraph India. Ali commented, "I travelled from Bangalore to Zagreb, with a two-hour stopover in Doha. With the danger of the virus on my mind, I did wear a mask from Bangalore itself. This was the first time I had taken this kind of precaution.

However, there was only a handful of passengers using it. At the immigration though, every official had a mask on, but even then I didn’t really feel any different from the innumerable times I have travelled abroad. But the situation changed completely once I reached Doha.

Sitting in the airport, waiting for my connecting flight, I saw masks everywhere. Almost all officials and ground-staff at the airport were wearing them. Being a busy airport, I witnessed a number of flights coming in from all over the world and more than 50 per cent of the passengers were wearing masks.

It was almost like a scene from a movie. And that is when I started to feel unnerved, realising how severe the situation was worldwide. It’s scary that there is no cure for the virus”. Zeeshan said he was also asked upon reaching Zagreb if he had travelled to any of the far east nations like China, Japan or Korea.

“Since I was travelling from India and had not been to these countries recently I was allowed to enter the country. Else they might have put me in quarantine." So far, no travel advisory has been issues to the tennis team by the Indian government or by Croatia and the Indian players are expected to reach Zagreb this weekend as they are playing events in different parts of the world.

The India vs Croatia tie takes place in Zagreb on March 6 & 7, with the winner advancing to the Davis Cup Finals in Madrid.