Sania Mirza reveals how her husband proposed to her

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Sania Mirza reveals how her husband proposed to her

Former World No. 1 doubles star Sania Mirza has revealed details about how her husband Shoaib Malik proposed to her during a chat with Pakistan’s famous sports presenter Zainab Abbas. The couple recently celebrated 10 years of marriage and have a son, who is one year old.

Mirza says, "A few months after we started seeing each other, he basically told me that ‘Look I want to marry you. I will come to meet your family, and you tell me when you want to get married because I want to marry you.

So let me know if it’s a yes. “I actually found that extremely real because I felt that there was no pretence in that. It was literally just raw emotion, and he felt it, and he just said it. That probably attracted me towards him so much because he is not pretentious when it comes to things like that.

Going down on the knees and putting heart shape things is just not his style. He is simple." Sania also said that one of Shoaib's annoying habits was that he tends to keep silent during an argument and that she likes to chat about something regularly, but Shoaib is completely opposite as he doesn’t speak too much. Mirza is a winner of six Grand Slam doubles titles and also reached No. 27 in the singles rankings during her career.