Sania Mirza on how her husband's support has helped her tennis career

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Sania Mirza on how her husband's support has helped her tennis career

Former World No. 1 doubles tennis player Sania Mirza, of India, says that coming from sporting backgrounds has helped and her husband Shoaib Malik, who is a cricketer with the Pakistan cricket team, in their marriage and that his support has helped her in her career tremendously.

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Mirza, who married Malik in 2010, was speaking on an Instagram Live session hosted by Malik over the weekend. On the show , Sania says her husband's support helped her during her comeback from her wrist injury.

“Tennis requires a lot of discipline, just like cricket. When we decided to get married, I had a wrist injury at the time and at that point, honestly, I didn't think I was going to play tennis anymore. I had taken six months off and when I made my comeback at Wimbledon, I felt that nothing had changed.

I felt that you (Shoaib Malik) were supportive because you came from the same background, had put in the same kind of hard work and dedication. You (Shoaib Malik) never made me feel that since we are married that I cannot give this much time to my profession or tennis.

So, I don’t think a lot had changed”. Mirza added that the fact that both players are high-profile athletes has helped their understanding of each other. "It depends on the individual, on the relationship, your understanding, as to how you have been tuned in the relationship.

We knew from before if we had to continue our relationship, it would involve a lot of travel, being in high-pressure jobs and something that is not in our control a lot of times. We haven’t known it any other way, we are fortunate to have found each other and understand each other’s lives and professions before we got married and adjusted to it."

Sania Mirza is a former doubles world No. 1 and has won six Grand Slam doubles titles in her career - three in women's doubles and three in mixed doubles. She was also ranked in the Top 30 in the singles rankings in 2007. She is the most successful female player in Indian tennis history.