Mouratoglou: "That's why Novak Djokovic beat Kyrgios at Wimbledon"

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Mouratoglou: "That's why Novak Djokovic beat Kyrgios at Wimbledon"

French tennis coach Patrick Mouratoglou recently commented on the Wimbledon final, the long-awaited match between Novak Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios. Despite the expectations in the end the Serbian champion won without particular problems, he lost the first set but subsequently dominated leaving the crumbs to the particular opponent.

Through his YouTube channel Mouratoglou gave his explanation about Nole's clear victory: "In a match both serve and return have a fundamental role and also in this case they played a very important role. At the start of the match Novak had a hard time returning Kyrgios' serve, but once he entered the match he began to read his rival's serve very well.

Novak Djokovic's response played an important role and so the exchanges became more important during the match. In this way Djokovic became a clear favorite, if Nick still had a key role with the serve he had a chance to win the match.

We all know Djokovic has the best response in the world and probably the best of all time. Once the ball is in play, it is all about rallies and therefore Djokovic is superior to Kyrgios. I think this is the reason for Nole's victory "

Mouratoglou and the explanations on Novak Djokovic

The well-known coach then continued: "Another key to the match concerns the duration of the exchanges and Novak Djokovic's ability to shorten.

In a match with a high stakes Novak Djokovic plays with great confidence, he prefers to play long rallies and at that point it is difficult for Nole to be the first to make a mistake. It must be said that Nick Kyrgios' form is not optimal as he has been a long time without training and therefore if he wanted to try to win he had to shorten the exchanges.

He didn't do that and this was the result. In the first set Djokovic analyzed the opponent's serve, then he was ready and got the better of it. Thanks to his calm Djokovic overturned the match and got the victory."

Asw we well know, Novak Djokovic at the moment could not enter into the USA to play the US Open 202 due to the vaccine rules. In the net weeks there will come more news about the issue.