Carlos Alcaraz close to a sensational record

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Carlos Alcaraz close to a sensational record

Carlos Alcaraz is experiencing a truly sensational 2022 season, with few flaws and many thick results. With a few more months to go before concluding this year but with several prestigious appointments scheduled, the Spaniard can really dream big and aspire to a prestigious goal before the end of the year.

The Iberian, especially if he were to confirm this current performance of the last period, can seriously think of reaching the top of the ATP ranking. The data that let him foresee? Without doubt the points expiring of the rivals for the number one and the current performances of the 19 year old, difficult to beat for anyone, considering how he has won at least one set in all the games played this year.

The situation of the current number 4 in the world is good in terms of points to lose: in 2021 the most important milestones, in this part of the season, were the semi-final of Winston-Salem that he will almost certainly not defend, the quarter-finals at the Us Open and the semifinal in Vienna.

The class of 2003 naturally wants to at least replicate these results and has already commented during the Masters 1000 in Montreal: "At Flushing Meadows I will try to push myself beyond the quarters." Doing very well in both Canada and Cincinnati would put Alcaraz in a very good position for the upcoming tournaments.

At the moment there is still room for a historical record, namely the youngest tennis player to become number one in the world, currently Lleyton Hewitt (20 years, 8 months and 23 days).

Carlos Alcaraz close to a sensational record

The gap between him and the Russian Daniil Medvedev is about 2800, who absolutely cannot relax because the bills to be discounted are many and quite heavy: 360 points he will lose in Cincinnati, 2000 and the US Open title to defend, but also the final in Paris-Bercy (600) and the final at the Nitto Atp Finals.

In short, the native of Moscow will have to replicate at least some of these important placings to feel comfortable at the top, hoping for missteps especially from Alcaraz. Not even Sascha Zverev, number 2, is doing very well.

The German should defend the Cincinnati trophy, the semi-final of the US Open, the victory in Vienna, the semi-final in Paris and the success in the Finals. The Hamburg player, especially if he does not recover from the injury, is destined to lose several positions in the standings.

The only one who can prevent Alcaraz from getting the number is his countryman Rafael Nadal, who hasn't played at all since the Rogers Cup and can only earn in the standings. If the Majorcan were to play continuously and make his usual results, he would really be destined to rise to the throne again.