Roger Federer Slam dominance: better than Nadal and Djokovic

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Roger Federer Slam dominance: better than Nadal and Djokovic
Roger Federer Slam dominance: better than Nadal and Djokovic

Roger Federer says goodbye to tennis with the Laver Cup: it will be the last tournament of the Swiss champion as a professional tennis player. The Basel player leaves tennis with numbers, and more, that have crowned him as King Roger: twenty Grand Slam titles, eight of which are Wimbledon; 103 total titles, behind only Jimmy Connors; number one in the world for a total of 310 weeks.

Not only numbers, however, but also real records, which no one, not even the two youngest rivals, namely Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic, have managed to take away. Roger Federer's list of records is long and ranges in different areas, from the Grand Slam to the ATP ranking: the record of consecutive weeks as number one; the number of Grand Slam main draw wins; the number of wins at Wimbledon; the eight Wimbledons; the 5 back-to-backs, both at the US Open and at Wimbledon.

To this, we must also add two records, which concern the Grand Slam finals: not only are they ten consecutive acts in a Grand Slam, but there is another fact that concerns the first seven Slams won.

Seven finals, seven Grand Slams

Roger Federer has not failed a Grand Slam final seven consecutive times.

Since his first historic match back in 2003, when he won his first Grand Slam title and his first Wimbledon title, the Swiss champion hasn't lost a final in the next seven times. In 2004, victory in three out of four Grand Slams: Austalian Open, Wimbledon and Us Open; in 2005, he only repeated himself in London and New York, while in Melbourne he did not go beyond the semifinal.

In 2006, the return to triumph at the Australian Open allows him to do 2/3 again, but at the French Open comes the first defeat in the final: to inflict it, it is the one who will become the King of Paris, namely Rafael Nadal, who triumphs in his second most famous clay court title in the world.

After that, Roger Federer has lost ten Grand Slam finals in his career: once in Australia; four times both in Paris and at the All England Club; only two at the US Open.

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