Roger Federer and Andy Murray build the perfect player

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Roger Federer and Andy Murray build the perfect player

Roger Federer and Andy Murray were challenged to create the perfect player of modern tennis, starting from the individual skills of the best players of the ATP Tour. A profile too complex for Roger Federer, while Andy Murray accepts the challenge proposed by Hello Magazine.

And his response is very funny and inspiring. With even room for a particular skill of him. An impossible profile to put together for Roger Federer, who prefers to highlight above all the complexity of the game that he himself has helped to develop over the years: "It is extremely difficult to answer this question, there are so many dynamics to consider in order to measure a single skill."

The Swiss champion goes into detail: "For example, there are different types of forehand or volleys."

Roger Federer and Andy Murray build the perfect player

And in a career studded with numerous triumphs, but only one on the red clay of the Roland Garros, inevitably even the surface can have the weight of him: "Furthermore, if you take into consideration the different surfaces, it becomes even more difficult to decide."

A great complexity, which for Roger Federer becomes great beauty: "This, in my opinion, creates the beauty of tennis. Because there are many aspects to work on to improve your game." And he, in an endless and prestigious career, has never stopped improving, day after day.

Andy Murray, for his part, accepts the challenge, and the answers are absolutely spectacular: "I would say that putting together Rafa Nadal's forehand and Nole Djokovic's backhand, the combination would be formidable."

In London for the Laver Cup, the British champion also looks to a face of the competition: "John Isner has already played for Team World, I'd say he has a pretty decent serve, so I'd borrow that too."

But is there also room for Murray’s skill in the perfect player? "I hope my lob can be useful in some way."