Richard Gasquet marks a new record in 2022, trailing Rafael Nadal

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Richard Gasquet marks a new record in 2022, trailing Rafael Nadal
Richard Gasquet marks a new record in 2022, trailing Rafael Nadal

French tennis player Richard Gasquet may be remembered as one of the most talented tennis players of the last two decades. When the Frenchman started to play tennis, many believed that Richard could achieve great results and although he has achieved more than moderate results, many point out that the tennis player with a masterful backhand has been penalized by the presence of the Big Three.

Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and above all Rafael Nadal have defeated the French tennis player several times, often in really decisive moments and in rather important tournaments. We can see this situation, quite evident, in the precedents between Nadal and Gasquet with the Spaniard who is even ahead 18-0, almost always dominating the clashes, on any surface.

One of the most sensational dominations in the history of this sport, especially if we discuss Gasquet, one of the most technically talented tennis players on the Tour. Despite this, Gasquet has had a more than decent career reaching the top of French tennis and absolutely becoming one of the longest-lived athletes on the Tour.

Richard Gasquet marks a new record in 2022, trailing Rafael Nadal

Richard Gasquet is the second active tennis player to celebrate and reach 900 consecutive weeks inside the top 100 of the ATP rankings. A fact that testifies that Richard's numbers are undoubtedly of the highest level, and the tennis player has had a truly satisfying career.

Gasquet is the second to reach this record, among active tennis players, after the Spanish champion Rafael Nadal. Indeed, to tell the truth, the Majorcan champion, just last month, completed 1000 consecutive weeks in the Top 100, truly extraordinary numbers.

The two finished in the Top 100 way back in 2003 and while Rafa never dropped out again, Gasquet only dropped momentarily in 2004, ending the season outside the top 100 in the world rankings. A few weeks later Richard brought him back and hasn't been out since.

An undoubtedly more than decent career and a stupendous record regarding the transalpine talent. The Frenchman and the Spanish Rafael Nadal should be both at the upcoming Australian Swing, for the beginning of the new season.

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