Yibing Wu: who is the new Chinese tennis star

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Yibing Wu: who is the new Chinese tennis star

23-year-old Chinese tennis player Yibing Wu has become the first Chinese tennis player in history to win an ATP title. An extraordinary success for the Asian athlete, who he won after a great battle and three tiebreaks against the American John Isner, defeated in three sets.

A very tough match where the US signed almost a record, even signing 44 aces, but the young Chinese remained attached to the match, and managed to bring home an exciting victory. Born in Hangzhou in 1999 Yibing Wu is slowly climbing the rankings and after this week he entered the world Top 60.

In the post-race the Chinese said: "I feel happy. It's not just about winning the title but it's more about me personally making the history of my country. It's very important not only for now but also for the next generations, then I am aware that if I continue like this and I manage to move forward, many other things will come.

I have been through so much, injuries and difficult situations growing up. I think the reason I am relaxed now on the pitch is because I trust myself totally same. If you want to beat me you have to work hard. Before, there were so many doubts because I had been operated on and the rehabilitation wasn't going well.

It took longer than expected but now I'm here. I would be lying if I said I knew I was here today, but the process I went through and am going through is the most important thing. I trust myself and work hard to achieve it.

I always think about tennis, both in the gym and when I'm off the court. Recently, however, I've been trying to live it in a more relaxed way and I notice that it's known to be more fun. My coach Azcurra has helped me a lot, we see each other every day and he gives me positive advice to grow, it's great to work with him and my whole team."

Videogames, NBA and cooking: who is the new star Yibing Wu

Regarding hobbies and passions, he said: "When I first saw the NBA, I think it was the 2011-2012 season.

That was when Westbrook, Harden and Durant played with the Thunder and that year they made it to the Finals and lost against Lebron James. This is my earliest memory of NBA basketball. Durant is very good on the court. He doesn't show much emotion and he's not a very outgoing guy on the court and I want to be like him.

I want to be a good kid on the court. And It's true, I play video games a lot and I love western music. I can cook and I really like cooking TV shows, which I watch every day. I love cooking different foods and I think this also gives me inner peace when I'm alone at home or after training.

Even if you are tired, you still cut food, cook and wash. This puts me more at ease. I don't know if it tastes good because sometimes it can be terrible, but you just enjoy the process. If I have to celebrate I drink a beer, but I don't celebrate much with a video game."

Yibing Wu