Daniil Medvedev scared by Italian crowd: what happened

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Daniil Medvedev scared by Italian crowd: what happened
Daniil Medvedev scared by Italian crowd: what happened (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Daniil Medvedev managed to hit at least the round of 16 in Rome too. The Russian tennis player, in an interview with Tennis Channel, talked about his sensations on clay and on the continuation of the tournament in Rome, which will see him face Zverev who has to finish his match against Wolf The former US Oen champion explained: "Playing on clay becomes a little more difficult for me to manage, you have to keep doing these points till the end.

Today at the beginning I was missing too many chances to get back on the draw, some break points I missed, until I found myself down 5-1. Then I finally managed to put him in trouble. Then I finally managed to put him in trouble, I improved little by little, until finally I managed to win the match." Still on the surface: "I think right now I'm moving much better on this surface, I'm trying to learn different things about how to move on clay, make some gestures like it's a hard court, even though I know it's not that easy here make winning shots.

The ball doesn't always go where you think it goes, so I see that little by little I'm improving in this respect, it's something I started to discover during training in Madrid. I was feeling very good in training before this tournament, so this week I started managing my matches better.

I played well today, so I'm very happy."

"The Italian crowd scared me," Daniil Medvedev's shocking words

If they like to play in Rome: "The Italian crowd is very good, until you play in Italy. It is understandable, but it is true that they are quite tough.

The other day I saw the video of Holger walking onto the court and people yelling at him, I got a little scared, but in the end he managed to win his matches. Honestly, I love the Italian crowd, if there isn't a home player on the pitch they are very respectful, they bring an energy to every game that is one of the best in the world, very similar to the South American tournaments, very close to this crowd.

It's incredible, I can't wait to play other matches in front of these stands." On the clash with Zverev, hes told: "It could be very exciting, the last two meetings we had in Indian Wells and Monte Carlo were electric duels, we didn't play for a long time due to his injury, but I think in 2022 we haven't seen each other all season which is quite rare considering we've played each other about 15 times.

After Monte Carlo we talked a bit and now everything is fine, there are no problems between us. We are both very competitive, you all know that."

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