Who are the richest tennis and former players in 2023

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Who are the richest tennis and former players in 2023
Who are the richest tennis and former players in 2023 (Provided by Tennis World USA)

Who are the richest tennis players in 2023? Tennis 365 has tried to answer this question by compiling the ten richest tennis players and former players in 2023. Ion Tiriac, with the collapse of communism in Romania, made a fortune, by establishing a bank in his country: he was the first tennis player to become a billionaire.

He has $1.2 billion in 2023. Roger Federer earned more than any other player in 2022 despite him only playing for the Laver Cup training match. The Swiss Maestro is the highest-paid tennis player of all-time, if we count prize money and sponsors.

He has $550 million in 2023. Serena Williams is on the podium, in third place. Serena Ventures represents the legend of tennis and women's sport. In 2023, she has $250 Million. Novak Djokovic has commercial partnerships with Asics, Head, Hublot, Lacoste, Lemero, NetJets, Peugeot, Raiffeisen Bank International and Ultimate Software Group.

Thanks to the prize money to the sponsors, in 2023 Nole has $220 million. In fifth place is Rafael Nadal. The Spaniard is KIA Motors ambassador since 2006. Rafa also has an agreement for many years with Nike, as well as other real sponsors.

Nadal has $220 million, in 2023. In fifth position there is also the beautiful Siberian tennis player Maria Sharapova, who just like Nadal has $220 million in 2023. There are Andre Agassi with $175 Million, Pete Sampras with $160 Million, Andy Murray with $100 Million and John McEnroe, also with $100 Million in 2023.

About last season

According to Forbes, in 2022, Roger Federer was the tennis player who had earned the most, with the 90 million earned only from sponsors, since Roger only played the Laver Cup last season. From UNIQLO to Rolex, passing through its line of shoes.

The number one on the list doubled runner-up Naomi Osaka, who earned $56.2 million. The Queen of tennis, i.e. Serena Williams, closed the podium. The American, one step away from retiring from tennis, as announced on the pages of Vogue, follows with 35.1 million.

On the podium, therefore, the other two members of the Big 3 were missing, who watch from the two lower steps. He occupied fourth place in the Rafael Nadal ranking, which exceeds the threshold of 30 million earned in those 12 months.

Fifth, however, Novak Djokovic, who obtained less from tournaments last year, having played fewer than in previous years.