Iga Swiatek gets a massive prize money milestone at the US Open!

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Iga Swiatek gets a massive prize money milestone at the US Open!
Iga Swiatek gets a massive prize money milestone at the US Open! © Al Bello / Staff Getty Images Sport

Iga Swiatek hit a new millionaire milestone at the 2023 US Open, following a first-round straight sets win against Rebecca Peterson. By winning her opening match at Flushing Meadows, the WTA-ranked No. 1 tennis player became the first female tennis player born in the 2000s to earn $20 million in prize money.

Her win against Peterson netted Poland $123,000, which, added to the $19,906,763 she already earned, adds up to a whopping $20,029,763. The first tennis player to reach this goal, also considering men, was Carlos Alcaraz.

Iga Swiatek talks after the 1st round win at the US Open

At the press conference, the 22-year-old, defending champion in New York, commented on her performance, analyzing her opening match at Flushing Meadows against the Swede.

Swiatek said at the press conference after winning against Rebecca Peterson: "I am certainly very happy. I feel like I could have played proactively from the beginning and never stopped. I'm happy that it was such a good first round, because usually the first rounds are difficult.

Also, I'm glad I had time to put into practice all the things I've been working on. I think it's even more tricky because in Slams we have time to get used to the courts or just to have more time to feel everything better.

We have usually one week off before, you know. Usually, this is, yeah, the case, that you have to just get used to everything, you know. Sometimes you just feel a little bit more pressure because you're, like, not into rhythm yet and you just kind of have to, like you can get distracted more easily, I feel.

I remember when I played my first matches in US Open, I always felt like there is so much going on around, and it was a little bit tougher to focus. This year I didn't feel it, because I practiced couple of times on the center court.

Even, you know, with all the kids around, because I think the entry was free and so many people came to watch our practices. It was amazing and I got used to the noise and everything."

Iga Swiatek Us Open

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