Holger Rune's crisis is highlighted by a clear data

The Danish tennis player is facing a bad tennis crisis: could Boris Becker resolve it?

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Holger Rune's crisis is highlighted by a clear data
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Carlos Alcaraz, Jannik Sinner and Holger Rune: this season several fans have spoken of these three as the new Big 3, but of course it is too early, the victories are very different but there are high expectations on these three athletes. But, let's be clear, it will be an almost impossible goal for them to emulate what Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have done in terms of victories, records, charisma and popularity.

It may be expectations or physical problems, or even something else, but the last months of the Danish tennis player Holger Rune are a real nightmare. The tennis player, currently number 6 in the ATP ranking, is in clear difficulty and it can be seen in every tournament he plays.

Rune has won only 1 of the last 11 matches of the season, last September 29th against the Canadian Felix Auger Aliassime, another young talent in a clear and evident crisis. Rune lost again this week, losing 7-6;6-2 in yesterday's match valid for the first round of the Stockholm tournament.

Merciless numbers and a tennis player who appears to be a distant relative of the one admired in the recent past, just think of the victory in the Paris-Bercy 2022 final over Novak Djokovic. And now there are also points to defend. It's not easy for Rune and many are waiting for him to be able to put this crisis aside.

At the end of the match he spoke of good feelings, but these words seem more and more frequent in recent weeks. And they come hand in hand with defeats. Tennis is looking for its Big Three, but in the meantime there is still a lot to prove. And Rune needs to get out of the crisis.

Last events of 2023

2023 is now approaching the final stages of the world of tennis, and this sport has already given us important signals. World number one Novak Djokovic has no desire to abdicate: the Serbian is 36 years old but this season he has won three Grand Slam titles and only lost in the final against Carlos Alcaraz, winner of the historic Wimbledon tournament.

But there is more than just Spanish and Serbian. The Russian Daniil Medvedev confirmed himself as the third wheel between the two; in addition to the excellent results on hard courts, it is worth mentioning his progress on both clay and grass.

Among the big names on the circuit there is also Jannik Sinner. The Italian is fourth in both the Race and the ATP Ranking and has already qualified for the ATP Finals in Turin, an event featuring the best athletes in the world.

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