The Roland Garros shows the new roof on the Court Suzanne Lenglen

Designed by architect Dominique Perrault, it will be officially inaugurated at the 2024 French Open and will be operational for the Paris Olympics

by Lorenzo Ciotti
The Roland Garros shows the new roof on the Court Suzanne Lenglen
© @rolandgarros X account

Bois de Boulogne is in turmoil: on X, a post from the Roland Garros account showed the first image of the retractable roof that will cover the Court Suzanne Lenglen, the second main court after the Philippe Chatrier Stadium.

The retractable roof was designed by architect Dominique Perrault together with a team of architects, engineers and professionals, who completed this new technological marvel in the temple of Parisian tennis. The structure that will cover the court named after the greatest legend of French women's tennis is now almost completed: its shape and design resemble those of a slide tent or the sails of a sailing ship, combining efficiency, design and functionality.

Thanks to this mobile covering, tennis matches can now be held on the second court of the Stade Roland Garros even in the event of rain, or at night, as well as making the court usable for other events, such as the Olympic and Paralympic Games of Paris 2024, or other non-sportsmen.

The new roof will cover the court who celebrate La Divine

"In the beginning, there was no one. God created Adam first, then Eve, and finally Suzanne Lenglen," wrote the French media of her time about her, celebrating something never seen before in the world of sport.

La Divine Suzanne Lenglen, after whom the court is named, won a total of 241 titles in her career (singles, doubles and mixed doubles), including 12 Grand Slam singles tournaments (6 times Wimbledon, 6 times the Roland Garros ) as well as 3 Olympic medals.

It is estimated that, thanks to her extraordinary successes, she has achieved an amazing career victory percentage of almost 98%. During her career Suzanne won 81 women's singles titles, seven of them without losing a single game.She has also won 73 titles in doubles, and 8 in mixed doubles.

She remains the only tennis player to have won the singles, doubles and mixed doubles tournament at Wimbledon in the same year, for three times (in 1920, 1922 and 1925). Lenglen's total number of victories in Grand Slam tournaments is 25, although the titles won at the French championships are not always counted because the tournament until 1925 was reserved for Frenchmen or members of French clubs.

For this reason some sources credit her with 21 titles. In June 1938 Lenglen was diagnosed with leukemia. Just three weeks later, the tennis player went blind. She died of pernicious anemia on 4 July 1938.

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