Why Elena Rybakina has a better aces percentage than Caroline Garcia

The Kazakh team has a percentage of aces in a single match and in relation to the matches played in 2023, better than the French team (which leads in terms of absolute number of aces shot in the season)

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Why Elena Rybakina has a better aces percentage than Caroline Garcia
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Caroline Garcia is the tennis player who has achieved the most aces in 2023. The French former world tennis player no. 4 has therefore the recordwoman for number of direct points obtained with the serve: 462 aces. In second place, with 455 aces, the Kazakh Elena Rybakina.

In third place in this special ranking is Aryna Sabalenka with 405 aces. However, the percentage of aces won per number of matches played changes the situation. In fact, considering the number of matches played and average aces in a single match in 2023, the record holder is Elena Rybakina.

Rybakina ended the season with controversy heading into the WTA Finals

Not just records and statistics. Elena Rybakina ended the season with controversies against the organization of the WTA Finals in Cancun. "We are far from showing our best tennis, I feel that the quality so far is not the best.

This can be seen above all in the number of unforced errors, although some suffer more than others. There are those who are adapting better but the conditions are difficult for everyone. In my case I don't feel like I can prove my worth, we are limited by the conditions, it's very easy to get stressed in a long rally because you don't know how the ball will react, there's not much in your control.

If you try to dominate the point and dominate the rally, in the end you don't win it. I think the quality of tennis is not good, but it's not that we don't know how to play: it's just very difficult to play this way," she explained.

Rybakina will be one of the most awaited WTA star of the next season. She got the final at the Australian Open this season and, as a defending finalist, she will be one of the women to beat, during the Australian Swing. I would like to recall that this season Elena won two tournaments: the WTA 1000s of Indian Wells and Rome.

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