The latest incredible milestone achieved by Carlos Alcaraz


The latest incredible milestone achieved by Carlos Alcaraz
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Carlos Alcaraz has shown great growth on all surfaces and only in this final part of the season he faced a small drop in performances. However, his numbers are exceptional: we are talking about a twenty-year-old boy who is rewriting the history of tennis.

Carlitos was the youngest world number 1 in the history of the sport and this year he achieved several records. Alcaraz is the only tennis player in 2023 to have won a title on at least all three surfaces: clay, hard and, above all, grass.

And the latter a surface on which there are every years few events. Carlitos won Wimbledon, preventing the current world number 1 Novak Djokovic from winning the Career Grand Slam. In fact, The Spaniard won the only Slam that Nole missed this year.

Alcaraz won in five sets and after an epic battle beating Nole in the final, and the Serbian himself said he was surprised several times by the performance of Carlitos, also a winner at Queen's. The Spaniard is a tennis player who has had an impressive growth on grass.

Alcaraz, the only player who win on all surfaces, in 2023

And, to underline Alcaraz's milestone, it should be said that Djokovic himself has not won any grass tournaments in 2023. Although he didn't shine in the last part of the season, Alcaraz is one of the young stars of the present and future of tennis and all fans are aware that they are dealing with a unique champion, one who appears very rarely in a generation.

In the last few days the Spanish tennis player took part in an exhibition in Mexico but Carlos is already working intensely to best prepare his 2024. Talking about his idol Rafael Nadal - who will finally return to the court in a few weeks at the ATP 250 in Brisbane - Carlitos said: "My hero is and always has been Rafael Nadal.

Ever since I started playing tennis I watched him and was entranced by him. It's true, I also watched Roger Federer, but for me there was always only Rafa."

Carlos Alcaraz