Djokovic aims to destroy a Nadal's massive record!

The Serbian champion could shatter a record belonging to his Spanish rival, in 2024

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Djokovic aims to destroy a Nadal's massive record!
© Clive Brunskill / Staff Getty Images Sport

Novak Djokovic will look to follow up his exceptional season in 2024, a year in which he will also try to win the gold medal at the Paris Olympics. And, still looking at the numbers and statistics regarding the upcoming tennis season, Djokovic could deprive Rafael Nadal of an important record.

The Spanish tennis player holds the record for weeks spent in the Top 2 of the ATP ranking. A record superior to that of Nole himself and Roger Federer. Yet it is true that Djokovic will be able to achieve this latest goal. Rafael Nadal spent 596 weeks inside the world Top 2, Djokovic is second in this particular ranking with 561 weeks, while Roger Federer is third, with 528 weeks.

35 weeks surpass Djokovic from this yet another record, but the phenomenal athletic condition shown by the Serb in 2023 can only be a prelude to new milestones. Nole could become the first tennis player in history to exceed 600 weeks in the world's Top 2: numbers that would become even more sensational.

Djokovic deprives rivals of their records: is he the GOAT?

Djokovic has proven that he is the best tennis player in the world, despite being 36 years old, despite his opponents being much younger than him. In 2023 he won three Slams, lost the Wimbledon final only in the fifth set and won the ATP Finals.

In short - despite the knockout against Italy in the Davis Cup and the defeat against Carlitos Alcaraz at the Championships - Nole has always proven to be the strongest. At the moment he is undoubtedly the closest man to being called the tennis GOAT.

And deep down we know very well that Djokovic is increasingly hungry for records, something that the Serbian tennis player looks at carefully. This year Novak Djokovic has surpassed Rafael Nadal in the number of Slams won, and now leads with 24 Majors.

Djokovic also surpassed Roger Federer for the record for weeks at the top of the ATP Ranking. The Serb overtook the Swiss Maestro also in Turin, becoming the most successful tennis player at the ATP Finals.