Rafael Nadal will play in the 2024 Paris Olympics thanks to this rule

Tennis players will be able to qualify for the Olympic tournament in certain circumstances: find out with Tennis World USA how they can do it

by Lorenzo Ciotti
Rafael Nadal will play in the 2024 Paris Olympics thanks to this rule
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The 2024 Paris Olympic Games will be a truly important occasion for many tennis players who want to rewrite history. Let's think of Novak Djokovic who, by winning the gold medal, would complete the Career Golden Slam.

The Olympic tennis tournament will be held from Saturday 27 July to Sunday 4 August 2024. This is a truly special edition because it is played in a historic tennis facility, the Stade Roland Garros, in Bois de Boulogne, Paris.

But which tennis players will participate? How are all the seats distributed?

Each country has a maximum limit of four players and this is to have players of as many nationalities as possible. Places based on continental competitions such as the Pan American Games, the Asian Games and the African Games must then be added to the 56 players.

Two places then designated for Olympic and Grand Slam gold champions. And in this last entry, for example, Rafael Nadal or Andy Murray could be recovered.

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Speaking of the two men's and women's draws at 64, there are 56 direct places which are decided based on the ranking. But be careful, there is an important difference compared to normal ATP tournaments.

As with the Grand Slam tournaments, there will be 5 different events at the Paris Olympic Games. The men's singles will have 64 players and not 128 like in the Slams. The women's singles will also always have 64 players. The men's doubles and women's doubles will have 36 pairs, while the mixed doubles will have 16 teams.

The ITF has published the main rules for the five-round event, which include the number of tennis players who will participate in each specialty, the limit of players each country can bring, and the date on which the selection will be made.

And there is also an additional requirement for tennis players to compete in the Olympic Games.

You must have played in the Davis Cup or Billie Jean King Cup at least two qualifiers during the last Olympic cycle, one of which in 2023 or 2024. This criterion would prevent names like Carlos Alcaraz or Rafael Nadal from directly accessing the draw but there are some exceptions with which players could justify their absence as injury or illness.

The official reference ranking on the basis of which the participants of the Olympic tournament will be decided will take place on Monday 10 June, i.e. at the end of Roland Garros 2024: the places for Paris 2024 will be defined there.

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