Viktor Troicki receives backing from coach over ITF suspension

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Viktor Troicki receives backing from coach over ITF suspension
Viktor Troicki receives backing from coach over ITF suspension

The 27 year’s old life was turned upside down back in the spring when he found himself facing a lengthy doping ban after requesting for a routine blood test to be postponed by a day at the Monte Carlo Masters.

Troicki and his coach Jack Reader have always claimed that he was given permission to postpone the test by the on-site doping control officer, claims which she denies.

In July, an ITF tribunal handed Troicki an 18 month ban for breaching their doping policy and although he appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport in the autumn, this suspension was only cut to 12 months meaning that Troicki will not be able to return to court until next summer.

He’s since received the backing of close friend Novak Djokovic who told the media at the World Tour Finals that Troicki’s ban is a ‘total injustice’ and that he has now lost all faith in the ITF’s anti-doping system.

"It makes me nervous as a player to do any kind of test," Djokovic said at the time.

“I don't know if tomorrow the representative, the DCOs, who are representatives of Wada there at the tournaments, because of their unprofessionalism, because of their negligence, because of their inability to explain the rules in a proper way, I don't know if they're going to misplace the test that I have or anything worse than that.”

As part of his contract with Troicki, Reader would be eligible to claim a large sum of money as he has been convicted for doping-related offences but he revealed to Tennis World that he’s not going to do so as he believes Troicki is completely innocent.

“In my contract with Viktor, it’s written that if he gets done for gambling or doping, I get a very substantial payout and the contract becomes void,” Reader told USA Today Sports back in October.

“So I would be free to go off and coach someone else, get 100,000 euros in the pocket and see you later! So that would have been my easy way out.

But I consider myself a fair person and it’s not fair on the kid, he’s done nothing wrong apart from following the advice of someone who you should trust.”

Below is the full message which Reader sent Troicki earlier this week.

“I am making this letter public to clear up some rumours that seem to be going around,” he told Tennis World.

“I have supported Vik this whole journey and shall continue to do so.” Hi Viktor,
I will tell you officially now that I shall not be seeking the 100k Euro compensation stated in our contract for your breaching of the doping rules!!!!
My reason for this Viktor is quite simply that you are INNOCENT of positive doping!!!!
I quote a paragraph from the CAS decision;
"It bears mentioning that both the Athlete’s urine and blood sample tested negative and the Tribunal found that “there is no suggestion that [Mr Troicki’s] failure or refusal was in fact prompted by the player’s desire to evade the detection of a banned substance in his system”.

The Panel agrees with this finding."
When I was present in the "Doping Control centre", there was no indication whatsoever that there would be consequences of any kind. As did you, I left the doping control centre 100% assured that it was over and done with!!!
Without being officially charged, I guess you could say I am also paying a penalty due to someone feeling it necessary to make an example of a player.

(Does this prove they are finding "dopers"?)
I have also been "sentenced" for my lack of knowledge regarding guidelines and rules.
Often I ask myself, why the prosecutors do not have their people facing some consequences???
A Doping Control Officer should face consequences if they do not follow the guidelines given.
Whoever trains the DCOs should also be facing action if they do not give the necessary training to their "Officers", (persons considered to merit such a title).
Having said this, I hope you feel more at ease knowing you shall be facing NO legal action regarding the 100k payout mentioned in our contract.
I cannot possibly penalize you further as
1) your test results were NEGATIVE, i.e.

no banned substances found
2) I was there when you followed the DCO's guidance
Looking forward to getting you back where you belong in the not too distant future. Sure hope Milos [Troicki’s physio Milos Jelisavcic] is on board :)
Hi to family and friends,

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