Dominic Thiem: ´Rafael Nadal´s ball is very hard to control´

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Dominic Thiem: ´Rafael Nadal´s ball is very hard to control´

From our correspondent in Paris, Ivan Pasquariello "I will need 2 or 3 years to get to the level of the best players" said humble Dominic Thiem in his press conference in Paris, after losing to Rafael Nadal in straight sets in the second round of the French Open.

A talent the Austrian, a future tennis star for sure, who not only plays against the best and learns, he also beats them sometimes. Ask Stan Wawrinka what Dominic can do! The 20-year-old talks to the media in relaxed fashion, he doesn't have much to recriminate or reproach.

"I have the chance to learn a lot playing against these players. It's very good practice for me. I have a lot to improve, not just my position in the court, which against these players should be more advanced, more into the baseline rather then far at the back.

One thing is to say it, one thing is to do it. I think only Novak Djokovic manages to play like that against Rafael Nadal" said Thiem. Why is it so hard to play against Rafael Nadal on clay? Dominic now can speak for himself: "he doesn't give you anything.

He doesn't give away a single point. Even if you are up 30-00 or 30-15 he would still fight on every ball thinking he can win the game. His top spin is very hard to deal with. For example, I like a lot to play the backhand down the line, but today it was almost impossible for me, because the top spin of the ball was to strong. He played very well, very few mistakes".