Maria Sharapova can coach Jannik Sinner!

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Maria Sharapova can coach Jannik Sinner!

Will Maria Sharapova be Jannik Sinner's new super-coach? She could be, but not only the former Russian champion: John McEnroe could also be one of the possible choices. The young Italian player, in a press conference after the success in the first round of the Australian Open 2022 against Sousa said: "My team for the moment is made up of coach Riccardo Piatti, trainer Dalibor Sirola and physiotherapist Claudio Zimaglia.

But there will be one new person I don't want to reveal." The supercoachs have been working alongside great champions for years, in order to improve and complete their performances. Under the guidance of some supecoach, great champions have achieved notable goals: thanks to Boris Becker, Novak Djokovic lived the most dominant period of his career.

The former German player's contribution was effective in improving Nole's performances especially on grass-courts. But his collaboration with Andre Agassi was a disaster. Roger Federer developed an even more aggressive and winning tennis first with Stefan Edberg and then with Ivan Ljubicic.

And Rafael Nadal with Carlos Moya.

Maria Sharapova can coach Jannik Sinner!

Maria Sharapova has already worked with Riccardo Piatti between 2019 and 2020. Jannik and Maria have become great friends over time. Last November Sharapova, Sinner and Piatti met in Paris while Sinner was playing the ATP Paris Rolex Masters.

About Maria, Jannik said a couple of years ago: "Maria is a great professional, it's great to train together, you can always learn important things from a player of her level." John McEnroe, in an interview a couple of seasons ago, said Sinner is the best talent seen in the last decade, and that he has the potential to win many Grand Slams.

Riccardo Piatti also said: "John and I have already worked together when we prepared the season on the grass of Milos Raonic. He is a Sinner sympathizer and I sent him a message saying that in a year I will need him." Only suggestions?

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