Martina Hingis: ´I am jealous of Maria Sharapova´s Career Slam´

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Martina Hingis: ´I am jealous of Maria Sharapova´s Career Slam´

Martina Hingis is ready to play at Wimbledon, where she will be competing for the first time since 2007, thanks to the Wild Card the organizers awarded her for the doubles tournament (check whom Martina is playing with here).

"I play in doubles not just for fun, I really want to achieve serious results. Tennis has become a very physical game, different than what it was when I was playing. Already then physical strength wasn't my forte, so now that I am even older it would very hard to compete in singles.

But in doubles all of that doesn't exist, and it really doesn't take time away from my career as a coach. If any of the girls, from Lisicki to Pavlyuchenkova, can be helped by my experience, I am always more than happy to help.

To be a parent-coach though, is a different thing. You have to constantly motivate the player, without ever forgetting that you are dealing with your son or daughter. Despite that, I keep a great relationship with my mother" revealed the Swiss.

No.1 of the World when only 16 years old, in her career Martina has won 5 Grand Slam titles, but never the French Open, despite two Runner-up finishes in 1997 and 1999. Only 10 women managed to win at least once all the Slam titles, reaching a Career Grand Slam.

Reaching the feat most recently, two years ago, was Maria Sharapova. "I am a little jealous of Maria's Career Slam" admits Martina, "she is an incredible player, and I told her about my jealousy some time ago.

It really seems weird, considering her first years on the surface, but we can officially say that she has become the Queen of Red Clay". A little jealousy also towards Serena Williams (recently seen with Usain Bolt), only 1 year younger and still competing at the top? "No, I am not jealous about Serena.

Each one of us has his/her own talent. I gave all I had early on, she is such a great talent, but each one of us has its own story, and I like mine" revealed the Swiss. What would the new Martina then change about the "older"-younger Martina of more than 15 years ago? "I would be more selfish if I could go back in time.

When I reached the top I was just a teenager and tennis was my whole life. I knew nothing about real life, and it was very hard for me to keep human relationships" concluded the former World No.1.