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Maria Sharapova: ´ From Cow to Bambi on Clay´

Maria Sharapova: ´ From Cow to Bambi on Clay´

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by Ivan Pasquariello

Maria Sharapova is no easy woman to read. She has just won a tournament on clay, in a season where it looked like her favorite surface was not going to see the best Maria this year, all because of some bothering injuries, but she doesn't necessarily look excited.

The Russian enters the press conference with a smile, calmly taking a seat, ready to answer some questions. "She was playing very well and I was making way too many unforced errors. Especially on my return I wasn't really managing to bother her.

Luckily I was given a chance to turn things around and win it. I was doing the right things, I was just not able to finish it off". Joking with American reporters, Maria talked about her stats on clay. The Russian has won at least one tournament on clay each year for the past years, completely changing her habits compared to what her first career exits on clay had been in mid 2000s.

"I guess I went from a cow to a Bambi on clay, that is sort of how I feel (laughing)"! Asked from TENNIS WORLD if premier events are tougher than Grand Slams for women, considering the fact that premier tournaments present the same number of sets but tougher earlier encounters and no day off, Maria said: "Well I can't say you can compare the level of toughness, but what I can say is that the very tough part for us is to play back-to-back Premier tournaments on clay.

I mean, to play the final of Madrid on Saturday and then fly to Rome to play for another full week without days off is just too much. I don't know whose idea this was, but it clearly makes it very hard for us.

Look at how many matches Andy Murray had to play consecutively, he just didn't have anything left. We love what we do and we just do it, but then again, this way it becomes very tough for us to win back-to-back titles, I would say almost impossible".

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