Sharapova´s lawyer: ´Meldonium didn´t enchance Maria´s performances´

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Sharapova´s lawyer: ´Meldonium didn´t enchance Maria´s performances´

Interviewed by The Guardian, John Haggerty, Maria Sharapova's lawyer, affirmed that it's the Russian's fault if she did not read the ITF email sent on 22nd December where it was informed that Meldonium would be banned from 1st January.

'She takes full responsibility for it' - he said - 'It’s her and her responsibility alone. It’s not the responsibility of any member of her team.' According to rumours, Sharapova's said to have been notified five times by WADA about Meldonium being potentially banned.

This was denied by Masha in a Facebook post, and Haggerty also reiterated this: 'We are still looking into, and confirming how exactly Maria was notified. But I do not believe five notifications are correct We’re still working on determining exactly how many she received.' Sharapova had said that she'd been taking this medicine for ten years because she had diabetes problems, but according to many experts, it's used to prever myocardial infarctions.

But the lawyer affirmed: 'There are a number of medical studies that talk about the beneficial impacts mildronate has on symptoms of diabetes.' According to WADA President David Howman, meldonium is a performance enhancing drug.

As for Sharapova, Haggerty denied it completely: 'The dosages I’ve seen in the literature are substantially higher than the dosage Maria’s doctor recommended for her medical condition. So while I’m not a physician, my belief is that the level (at which) Maria was taking it, there would not have been any performance enhancing effect whatsoever.' Meanwhile, Sharapova, who could face a four-year ban is training on green clay.

She posted a photo on Instagram, on Sunday, captioning it: 'No better workout than this.'

Sunday practice. No better workout than this.

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