Chris Evert and Lindsay Davenport: ´Career is over for Maria Sharapova´

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Chris Evert and Lindsay Davenport: ´Career is over for Maria Sharapova´

According to a couple of former WTA legends, if the two-year ban on Maria Sharapova isn't reduced, she won't be able to play a tennis match anymore. As it stands, her ban will end on the midnight of 25th January 2018.

Chris Evert said that as the competition will get even stronger and the training will become harder, it will be very tough for her to be back especially at a good level. 'She has been on the Tour for 15 years, I would be surprised to see her come back,' the American added.

Former world no. 1 Lindsay Davenport too had some doubts about Sharapova's unintentional act, as she hid about her taking the drug from 2010 to 2016 to anti-doping authorities. 'As a former player, who has filled out those forms many times, it clearly asks for everything that you put in your body, from Advil to vitamins to birth control to you name it.

The fact that she never once wrote it down even though she tested positive multiple times in 2015 and twice in 2016 is very incriminating to me,' said Davenport, who affirmed that she wasn't sure about Sharapova making a comeback.

As a matter of fact, during the 2015 Wimbledon, Sharapova had used Mildronate six times in seven days, and, at the Australian Open this year, five times in seven days. Quotes recognized by USA Today. Via Twitter, WTA Founder Billie Jean King meanwhile praised Sharapova's character in accepting her responsibility.

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