Maria Sharapova: 'Last year I often thought about calling it a career'

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Maria Sharapova: 'Last year I often thought about calling it a career'

For Maria Sharapova, the 2016 year has been a tough one not only for her 15-month doping ban but also physically. 'I had pain in my wrist', the former World No. 1 said during a Sugarpova event. 'I constantly spoke to the doctors although I could not play.

It was hard for me mentally and I came to a moment where I started to make questions to myself about for how much time my body could continue like that', said Sharapova, adding that she 'often thought' about calling it a career. Not playing Olympics in Rio de Janeiro was difficult to accept: 'It was very difficult to see everybody playing Olympics while I could not do it.

It didn't matter to me skipping Grand Slams or other events.' Asked if she will play 2020 Tokyo, Sharapova, who won the silver medal in 2012 London, said: 'I don't have such long plans and at the moment I don't think about it.

Now I am focused on Stuttgart event and on my comeback. It's a good question if I will be in Tokyo and will play there. It will depend on my physical condition. At the moment I didn't speak about it with anyone.' Finally last question on what she will do after the retirement.

Will there be room for coaching? 'I don't think so. As you know, I have my own company and it grew up a lot in the last years. I was always very interested about a such project but in the past I simply didn't have time.

When I will call it a career, I will have definitely much time for it.' As Sharapova said, she will come back to play in Stuttgart on Wednesday 26 April and the whole tennis world will watch her. How will she do in her first tournaments and in the 2017 season overall? ALSO READ: After Stuttgart, Maria Sharapova commits to play in Rome!