Mouratoglou: 'Wild cards to Sharapova are a wrong message to fans'

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Mouratoglou: 'Wild cards to Sharapova are a wrong message to fans'

Patrick Mouratoglou joins the big group of tennis personalities that think Maria Sharapova should have started her comeback from the bottom and not receive ten wild cards like she did this year. In an interview to the New York Post, Serena Williams' coach Patrick Mouratoglou said: 'I don’t think it sends a good message.

It’s like I take something away from you because you did something wrong but then I give you a hand. Don’t help player that has lost their ranking because of testing positive. Don’t help them come back to the top faster.

I get it. I know it’s exciting for any tournament director to have Sharapova in the draw. The stadium will be full, sponsors happy, TV ratings. But let her play her way into the top 100 and deserve her place in the draw. It’s nothing against her.

I would say if it’s anyone.' Mouratoglou also commented on Sharapova's current tennis level that wasn't so high in the matches against Timea Babos and Sofia Kenin, while against World No. 2 it was very big.

'I think she can lose to anyone now. She played an incredible first match. Everyone was impressed, including me. The next two matches she played, she was miles away from the level of the first round. Not so much of quality. Better competitors are coming.

If she doesn’t dramatically raise her level, she’s going to lose soon. Two three-setters, physically, mentally she’s a little suffering and Sloane’s at a super-good level.' ALSO READ: Patrick Mouratoglou: 'Serena Williams will stop if tennis isn't a priority'